About Us

Value-Based Access is an independent healthcare consultancy based in Sydney. We primarily focus on communicating the clinical and economic value of innovative medical devices and diagnostics, and associated procedures and services. We work with prospective purchasers and providers in the private and public sectors in Asia-Pacific markets. We offer collaborating partners a range of specialist technical services, including:

Value-based propositions:
Value-based propositions for purchasers and suppliers of innovative medical technologies and associated clinical and healthcare services, developed from rigorous assessment of the evidence supporting health outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

Stakeholder engagement
Facilitating engagement amongst suppliers, service providers, clinical craft groups, patient organisations and payers, to ensure understanding of the clinical and economic benefits of innovative technologies.

Market access strategies
Collaborative development of strategies for timely market access of innovative technologies at prices properly reflecting their value.

Reimbursement/ 3rd-party funding applications
Submissions for funding to bodies which utilise health technology assessment (HTA) for decision-making, e.g. the Medical Services Advisory Committee and the Prostheses List Advisory Committee for devices in Australia, and the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service in Korea.

Value communication
Selling with Evidence: tailored and practical training on how to successfully communicate the value of an innovative technology to healthcare payers, providers and other stakeholders. Scientific communication: preparation of high-quality (publication standard) summary reports of the clinical and economic evidence, to support purchasing decisions or marketing initiatives.

A distinguishing feature of Value-Based Access is our broad professional experience, including:

  • securing third-party funding for innovative medical devices in Australia, Korea and Taiwan;
  • pro bono and paid consultancy to the World Health Organization, the Health Ministries/Departments of Canada, Nigeria, Taiwan and UK, and other international and national healthcare agencies, as well as to multinational medical device and pharmaceutical companies;
  • ┬ápublication of research and commentary in the peer-reviewed literature;
  • a wide network within the global HTA community, particularly across Asia-Pacific.

Eugene Salole PhD MPH directs the company. An experienced HTA specialist, he regularly contributes to the discourse on the value of technological innovation in healthcare by publishing papers, speaking at conferences and other professional activities. Eugene is also privileged to serve as Conjoint Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney.